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UC Davis Honey Wildflower
UC Davis Honey Wildflower

This natural, light and floral Northern California Wildflower Honey is collected throughout the Sacramento Valley. It has been heated and filtered gently to ensure that the enzymes and pollen remain in the honey. All honey that has not been heated or filtered will eventually crystallize. Some honeys crystallize faster than others. Some crystallize to a creamy form – others a bit chunkier. Every honey is different!

From the label: “It was 1906, a slower-paced time, and the new University of California Farm had just opened in Davisville. Fifty years later it became the College of Agriculture and by 1976 the Bee Biology Lab was buzzing with students and bees. The bees made sweet honey from a blend of nectar gathered from the wildflowers of the valley and coastal foothills.??

Today, the Honey and Pollination Center brings you an authentic honey experience. Collected throughout Northern California in the late springtime, this delightful wildflower honey has been delicately heated and strained to preserve the pollens native to the area.”

Sold in 12 ounce jars.

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Price: $13.50


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