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Field Guide to Diseases, Pests, and Disorders of Grapes
Field Guide to Diseases, Pests, and Disorders of Grapes

The authors, from the South Australian Research and Development Institute, Loxton, and Agriculture Victoria, Sunraysia Horticultural Research Institute, aimed to develop a practical tool for grapegrowers to identify diseases, pests and disorders - a fundamental aspect of efficient vineyard management. The result is this sturdy, pocket-sized guide, containing more than 350 full colour photographs accompanied by short, easily read descriptions of most diseases, pests and disorders found in the vineyard. It is a companion to Diseases and Pests (Nicholas, Magarey and Wachtel) and contains cross-references to the larger publication, but stands alone as an easy to use field guide.

Author: M.C. Kelly Author: A.M. MacGregor Author: M.F.Wachtel Author: P.A. Magarey Binding: Spiral Copyright: 2000 Edition: 1st Publisher: Winetitles

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