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California's Olive Pioneers
California's Olive Pioneers

This collection of thirteen essays were carefully chosen after a thorough and thoughtful examination of dozens of late-nineteenth-century newspapers, magazines, bulletins, journals, pamphlets, and books. Each essay is published here in its entirety, including original illustrations and color plates.

California’s Olive Pioneers: Early Essays on Olive & Olive Oil is the second book in the Robert Mondavi Institute’s series of historical agricultural works, gathering together for the first time 13 early essays on olive culture in California.

Included in the essays are several rare publications as well as the most complete copy to date of an address on olives by Benjamin B. Redding, namesake of Redding, California. Coming on the heels of the California Gold Rush in 1849 and the establishment of the University of California, the 1880s saw rapid growth in California’s olive culture. These essays capture the commitment and excitement for olive culture and production that were pervasive during those formative years.

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