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Backyard Berry Book
by Stella Otto

The Backyard Berry Book provides the home gardener with a complete guide to growing strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, currants, gooseberries, grapes, and kiwi fruit. It also includes details on soil nutrition and testing, important plant nutrients, and mulching.

Pub. Date: April 1995 Publisher: OttoGraphics Format: Paperback, 284pp

Price: $17.95

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Backyard Harvest
by Jo Whittingham

Product Description

From sowing and planting to growing and harvesting, Backyard Harvest covers storing, freezing, and preserving tips so that you can enjoy your garden's bounty into the winter months and throughout the early-spring gap when little is ready to harvest.

About the Author

Jo Whittingham, a gardener and gardening writer who has written for a range of gardening magazines, is the author of DK's Simple Steps to Success: Vegetable Gardening, and served as consultant on The Kitchen Garden and Grow Fruit.

Pub. Date: February 2011 Publisher: DK Publishing, Inc. Format: Paperback , 256pp

Price: $19.95

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Botany for Gardeners: Revised Edition
by Brian Capon

A bestseller since its debut in 1990, this indispensable and handy reference has now been expanded and updated to include an appendix on plant taxonomy and a comprehensive index. Two dozen new photos and illustrations make this new edition even richer with information. Its convenient paperback format makes it easy to carry and access, whether you are in or out of the garden. An essential overview of the science behind plants for beginning and advanced gardeners alike.

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company, Inc. Pub. Date: February 2005 ISBN-13: 9780881926552 240pp Edition Description: REV Edition Number: 2

Price: $19.95

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California Master Gardener Handbook
by Dennis R. Pittenger (Editor)

Review "Now there's a new bible on the block for home gardeners . . ." -- Holly Hayes, San Jose Mercury News, February 8, 2002

"Now there's a new bible on the block for home gardeners . . ." --Holly Hayes, San Jose Mercury News, February 8, 2002

Paperback: 702 pages Publisher: Univ of California Agriculture & Natural Resources (January 1, 2002) Language: English ISBN-10: 1879906546 ISBN-13: 978-1879906549 Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 8.3 x 1.7 inches Product Description This is the definitive guide to gardening in California! At over 700 pages, no other California gardening guide contains this depth of information. The California Master Gardener Handbook is an invaluable reference tool for all California gardeners. Chapters cover soil, fertilizer, and water management, plant propagation, plant physiology; weeds and pests; home vegetable gardening; specific garden crops including grapes, berries temperate fruits and nuts, citrus, and avocados. Also included is information on lawns, woody landscape plants, landscape design and developing problem-solving skills.

Price: $30.00

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California Native Plants for the Garden
by Carol Bornstein, Bart O'Brien, David Fross, David Fross, Bart O'Brien

California Native Plants for the Garden is a comprehensive resource that features more than 500 of the best California native plants for gardening in Mediterranean-climate areas of the world. Authored by three of the state's leading native-plant horticulturists and illustrated with 450 color photos, this reference book also includes chapters on landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Detailed lists of recommended native plants for a variety of situations and appendices with information on places to see native plants and where to buy them are also provided.

Publisher: Cachuma Press Pub. Date: November 2005 ISBN-13: 9780962850585 271pp

Price: $29.95

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Complete Compost Gardening Guide
by Barbara Pleasant, Deborah L. Martin

Barbara Pleasant and Deborah L. Martin turn the compost bin upside down with their liberating system of keeping compost heaps right in the garden, rather than in some dark corner behind the garage. The compost and the plants live together from the beginning in a nourishing, organic environment. The authors' bountiful, compost-rich gardens require less digging, weeding, mulching, and even less planting. And here's one of the best parts — no more backbreaking slogs from compost bin to garden. The authors even identify the plants that benefit most from compost and how the elements of a composted garden work together.

A natural Six-Way Compost Gardening System provides the ruling principles for successfully improving every garden with healthy compost. Readers will learn how to:

1. Choose labor-saving sites that keep gardens and compost piles as close to one another as possible.
2. Work with the compostable riches produced at home. Every yard and kitchen produces plenty of material — easily identified with at-a-glance charts — for a great start.
3. Help composting critters do their work by balancing ingredients, adding high-nitrogen meals when needed, and keeping the compost moist.
4. Reuse recycling bin items, such as large plastic buckets and cardboard boxes, as composting equipment.
5. Keep diversity in the mix. The magic is in the variety of the components and how they work together to create "gardener’s gold."
6. Customize composting to suit specific garden needs, always concentrating first on soil care.

Publisher: Storey Books Pub. Date: March 2008 ISBN-13: 9781580177023 320pp

Price: $19.95

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Compost Production and Utilization: A Growers’ Guide
Author: Mark Van Horn

Practical information on the production and use of compost, including an understanding of the benefits of compost, the basic biological processes involved in its production, and a way to determine the mix of materials needed for a quality blend.

Publication Number: 21514 Inventory Type: Paperback Language: English Copyright Date: 1995 Length: 19 pp.

Price: $5.00

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Designing California Native Gardens
by Glenn Keator, Alrie Middlebrook

Inspirational, practical, and easy to use, this book was created with the aim of conveying the awesome diversity and beauty of California's native plants and demonstrating how they can be brought into ecologically sound, attractive, workable, and artful gardens. Structured around major California plant communities--bluffs, redwoods, the Channel Islands, coastal scrub, grasslands, deserts, oak woodlands, mixed evergreen woodlands, riparian, chaparral, mountain meadows, and wetlands--the book's twelve chapters each include sample plans for a native garden design accompanied by original drawings, color photographs, a plant list, tips on successful gardening with individual species, and more. Both residential and professional gardeners will learn the benefits of going native with gardens that require less water and fewer fertilizers, attract wildlife, engage the senses, create a sense of place, and, at the same time, preserve our rich natural heritage.

Designing Native California Gardens includes:

* More than 600 selected native species recommended for the garden
* More than 300 photographs of native plants, natural plant communities, and residential native gardens
* Recommended places to visit for viewing each plant community

"An excellent how-to book on California native plant landscaping . . . with plans, photographs, and plant lists which are sure to fire the imagination of any gardener."--Arvind Kumar, California Native Plant Society

Publisher: University of California Press Pub. Date: June 2007 ISBN-13: 9780520251106 352pp

Price: $34.95

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From the Farm to Your Table
Author: James Thompson, Adel Kader

Have you ever wondered how to pick out fresh fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, but you had no idea what you were looking for?

This colorful handbook will help you pick good-quality, healthy fruits and vegetables that are a vital part of your daily diet. You’ll learn why there is more to fruit and vegetable quality than meets the eye and how to handle your fresh fruits and vegetables at home to maintain their quality and safety.

You’ll also learn how growing and harvesting factors can effect quality and the effect of growing locations, produce handling methods, and the number of steps between production and retail markets.

Handy tables show you the steps between the field and your table, which fruits and vegetables should be stored in the refrigerator and which should be stored on the counter, what to look for when selecting produce at the market.

After reading this guide you will feel confident picking out your favorite produce items at the store or farmers’ market.

Publication Number: 21643 Author: James Thompson, Adel Kader Inventory Type: Paperback Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-610-6 Copyright Date: 2009 Length: 16 pp

Price: $7.00

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Gardener's Weed Book: Earth-Safe Controls
by Barbara Pleasan

Beginning and expert gardeners will learn how to identify and control weeds using earth-safe methods.

Author Biography: Award-winning author Barbara Pleasant has written about tackling some of gardeners' worst nightmares: bugs, plant diseases, and weeds. Her books include The Gardener's Bug Book, The Gardener's Guide To Plant Diseases, and The Gardener's Weed Book. She is a self-employed garden writer who contributes to newspapers and several magazines, including GreenPrints, Organic Gardening, and Country Journal, and is author and publisher of Alabama Gardener's Almanac. Barbara is a member of the Garden Writers Association of America. She lives in Huntsville, Alabama.

Publisher: Storey Books Pub. Date: January 1996 ISBN-13: 9780882669212 208pp

Price: $14.95

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