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by Charles Henrickson, Harold D. Nathan

When it comes to pinpointing the stuff you really need to know, nobody does it better than CliffsNotes. This fast, effective tutorial helps you master core chemistry concepts -- from atomic structure, chemical bonding, and states of matter to solutions, acids and bases, and thermodynamics -- and get the best possible grade.

Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated Pub. Date: May 2001 186pp Series: Cliffs Quick Review Series

Price: $2.98

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500 Organic Chemistry Questions

We want you to succeed on your organic chemistry midterm and final exams. That's why we've selected these 500 questions to help you study more effectively, use your preparation time wisely, and get your best grades. These questions and answers are similar to the ones you'll find on a typical college exam, so you will know what to expect on test day. Each question includes explanations for right and wrong answers for your full understanding of the concepts. Whether you have been studying all year or are doing a last-minute review, McGraw-Hill's 500 Organic Chemistry Questions will help you achieve the final grade you desire.

Sharpen your subject knowledge and build your test-taking confidence with:
  • 500 essential organic chemistry questions
  • Complete answer explanations
  • Coverage of organic chemistry from reactivity to proteins

Price: $16.00

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Biology for Dummies
Contributor(s): Kratz, Rene Fester (Author), Siegfried, Donna Rae (Author) Ever wondered how the food you eat becomes the energy your body needs to keep going? The theory of evolution says that humans and chimps descended from a common ancestor, but does it tell us how and why? We humans are insatiably curious creatures who can't help wondering how things work -- starting with our own bodies. Wouldn't it be great to have a single source of quick answers to all our questions about how living things work? Now there is.

From molecules to animals, cells to ecosystems, "Biology For Dummies, 2nd Edition" answers all your questions about how living things work.Written in plain English and packed with dozens of illustrations, quick-referenceCheat Sheets, and helpful tables and diagrams, it cuts right to the chase with fast-paced, easy-to-absorb explanations of the life processes common to all organisms.More than 20% new and updated content, including a substantial overhaul to the organization of topics to make it a friendly classroom supplementCoverage of the most recent developments and discoveries in evolutionary, reproductive, and ecological biologyIncludes practical, up-to-date examples

Whether you're currently enrolled in a biology class or just want to know more about this fascinating and ever-evolving field of study, this engaging guide will give you a grip on complex biology concepts and unlock the mysteries of how life works in no time.

Price: $19.99

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Cartoon Guide to Chemistry
by Larry Gonick, Craig Criddle

Gonick has been creating comic guides to history, science, and other subjects for over 30 years and is staff cartoonist for Muse magazine. He and Criddle (environmental engineering and science, Stanford U.) begin their cartoon guide with the history of chemistry and then present information accompanied by humorous illustrations covering subjects that students would learn in a college level chemistry class. Annotation ©2005 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Pub. Date: May 2005 ISBN-13: 9780060936778 256pp

Price: $17.99

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Chemistry Flash Cards

QuickStudy Chemistry Flash Cards contain 1,000 cards and covers:
  • elements, symbols & names
  • families of elements
  • ion names & formulas
  • compound names & formulas
  • molecular geometries
  • and much more…

Price: $13.95

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CliffsQuickReview Biology

CliffsQuickReview course guides cover the essentials of your toughest subjects. Get a firm grip on core concepts and key material, and test your newfound knowledge with review questions.

Whether you're new to elements, atoms, and molecules or just brushing up on your knowledge of the subject, CliffsQuickReview Biology can help. This guide carries biological studies into topics such as organic compounds, cellular respiration, transgenic animals, and human reproduction. You'll also tackle other concepts, including:

  • The process of photosynthesis
  • Mitosis and cell reproduction
  • Inheritance patterns
  • Principles of evolution
  • The unity and diversity of life

Price: $9.99

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CliffsQuickReview Organic Chemistry I
by Frank Pellegrini

CliffsQuickReview course guides cover the essentials of your toughest classes. Get a firm grip on core concepts and key material, and approach your exams with newfound confidence.

CliffsQuickReview Organic Chemistry I demystifies the topic with straightforward explanations of the fundamentals. This volume, which focuses on hydrocarbons and stereochemistry, will help you learn almost all of the important points you’ll need to succeed in organic chemistry. (These concepts are applied and further developed in CliffsQuickReview Organic Chemistry II.)

This comprehensive guide begins with a review of general chemistry, including atomic structure, ionic and covalent bonding, and acids and bases. In no time, you'll be ready to take on topics such as

The structure of organic molecules, including atomic orbitals and hydrocarbons
Alkanes, including nomenclature, preparations, and halogenation
Alkenes, including molecular formulas, unsaturation, hydration, polymerization, and epoxide reactions
Alkynes, cyclohydrocarbons, and conjugated dienes
Stereochemistry, including optical activity, chirality, projections, and more

Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated Pub. Date: September 1997 ISBN-13: 9780822053262 160pp Series: Cliffs Quick Review Series

Price: $9.95

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CliffsQuickReview Organic Chemistry II
by Frank Pellegrini

CliffsQuickReview course guides cover the essentials of your toughest classes. You're sure to get a firm grip on core concepts and key material and be ready for the test with this guide at your side.

Whether you're new to biosynthesis, integrated metabolism, and the molecular cloning of DNA or just brushing up on those topics, CliffsQuickReview Organic Chemistry II can help. This guide introduces each topic, defines key terms, and walks you through each sample problem step-by-step. In no time, you'll be ready to tackle other concepts in this book such as

The reactions of aromatic compounds
Aldol, cross-aldol, and ketonic aldol condensation
Ester formation
Mass spectra

CliffsQuickReview Organic Chemistry II acts as a supplement to your textbook and to classroom lectures. Use this reference in any way that fits your personal style for study and review — you decide what works best with your needs. You can either read the book from cover to cover or just look for the information you want and put it back on the shelf for later. What's more, you can

Get a glimpse of what you’ll gain from a chapter by reading through the introduction at the beginning of each chapter
Study your formulas in the Summary of Preparations or the Summary of Reactions Use the glossary to find key terms fast.
With titles available for all the most popular high school and college courses, CliffsQuickReview guides are a comprehensive resource that can help you get the best possible grades.

Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated Pub. Date: July 2000 ISBN-13: 9780764586163 260pp Series: Cliffs Quick Review Series Edition Description: Updated Edition Number: 1

Price: $9.99

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E-Z Organic Chemistry

Barron's growing list of E-Z Series titles are new, updated, and improved versions of Barron's longtime popular Easy Way books. New cover designs reflect the all-new interior layouts, which feature extensive two-color treatment, a fresh, modern typeface, and more graphic material than ever. These books are self-teaching manuals designed to improve students' grades in a wide variety of academic and practical subjects. Skill levels range between senior high school and college-101 standards. All titles present detailed reviews of the target subject plus short quizzes and longer tests to help students assess their learning progress. All exercises and tests come with answers. This reader-friendly supplementary text for organic chemistry students reviews important topics that include stereochemistry, alkenes, nucleophilic substitution and elimination reactions, free-radical reaction, alcohols and thiols, and more.

Price: $16.99

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General Chemistry as a Second Language
by Klein, David R. Klein, David R.

Get a better grade in General Chemistry!

Even though General Chemistry may be challenging at times; with hard work and the right study tools, you can still get the grade you want. With David Klein's General Chemistry as a Second Language, you'll be able to better understand fundamental principles of chemistry, solve problems, and focus on what you need to know to succeed.

Here's how you can get a better grade in General Chemistry:

Understand the basic concepts: General Chemistry as a Second Language focuses on selected topics in General Chemistry to give you a solid foundation. By understanding these principles, you'll have a coherent framework that will help you better understand your course.

Study more efficiently and effectively: General Chemistry as a Second Language provides time-saving study tips and problem-solving strategies that will help you succeed in the course.

Improve your problem-solving skills: General Chemistry as a Second Language will help you develop the skills you need to solve a variety of problem types - even unfamiliar ones!

Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated Pub. Date: March 2005 ISBN-13: 9780471716624 288pp Series: As a Second Language Ser. Edition Description: New Edition Edition Number: 1

Price: $50.00

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