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Coffeehouse Cookbook
The CoHo Cookbook is back! The cookbook adored by the students, staff, and alumni of UC Davis is available once agian. This is a reprint of the 1986 edition. Order your copy today!
Price: $8.00
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Indelibly Davis: A Quarter-Century of UC Davis Stories...

A distinctly different kind of memoir, Indelibly Davis: A Quarter-Century of UC Davis Stories…and Backstories by UC Davis Chancellor Emeritus Larry Vanderhoef offers stories that will tell readers something new and special about the campus, that are relevant to its development and identity, and that touch on its values and culture. These stories touch on that special spirit that revered former UC President Clark Kerr believed set our campus apart from all other UC campuses. Chancellor Emeritus Vanderhoef has written about people who radiate that special Davis spirit…about wished-for do-overs…about conflicts (and responses)…about heartbreaking tragedy…about wing-and-a-prayer risk-taking…about the payoffs of patience and persistence…and about tough, principled decision-making (what his dad would call “having starch”).

“This lively and highly readable book is a distinctly different kind of memoir. Larry Vanderhoef makes UC Davis and its remarkable people the heart of his account of 25 years as a provost and chancellor—a choice that is beautifully vindicated by the power and insight of these stories. What emerges is a deeply engaging portrait of a university community and an academic leader for whom a life in higher education is not a career but a calling.”—Patricia Pelfrey, UC historian and author

“Larry tells full-bodied stories in a writing ‘voice’ that is inviting, unsparing, honest, self-effacing and still confident. Indelibly Davis is an engaging, illuminating read.”—New York Times bestselling author John Lescroart

Price: $29.95
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The Davis Farmers Market Cookbook

Revised Edition, by market co-founder Ann M. Evans, will be available in Davis stores and at the Davis Farmers Market. With a Foreward by Alice Waters, the book features 75 recipes organized by season, including 8 basic recipes to adapt to the seasons, such as risotto, pasta, savory gratin, and more. The book celebrates the 40th anniversary of America’s Favorite Farmers Market, and focuses on the second generation of farmers who are now selling at the market. The book gives readers the opportunity for a behind the scenes look at the market and the chance to get to know the vendors better.

Price: $26.95
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University of California, Davis ( Campus History )
Dingemans, Dennis (Author), Scheuring, Ann Foley (Author)

More than a century ago, the University of California established the University Farm at Davis to showcase the achievements of its thriving College of Agriculture and to train students in the practical arts of farming. Since enrolling its first students in 1908, UC Davis has evolved into a world-class university offering a full spectrum of studies. UC Davis research over the decades has had far-reaching impacts, including innovations in viticulture and enology that have improved winemaking around the world. Colorful traditions like Picnic Day celebrate the depth and breadth of this historic institution and show off its handsome campus. Most pictures in this book come from the university archives, with some images from the McCurry and Eastman collections and others taken by the distinguished photographer Ansel Adams.


Price: $21.99
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