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2012 UC Davis Scarf Collection: Arboreal

This scarf is based on the poem Arboreal by CJ Morello, and is designed by Queenie Le.

Price: $37.49
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2012 UC Davis Scarf Collection: Hands and Feet
Hands and Feet Scarf

Unknown Indian/Rajput, 19th century
Tantric Image
Gouache on paper
6.75 x 3.5"
Anonymous gift
From the UC Davis Fine Arts Collection

Price: $50.00
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2013 UC Davis Scarf Collection: Chinese Dragon Robe - Tie

Detail: Late 19th century

The ground fabric is blue shot silk (tan warp and blue weft) with gold metalic-wrappedthreaded k’o-ssu tapestry in cloud grids and multi-colored Buddhist and Daoist symbols. Eight dragons were placed in front, back and both shoulders. A ninth dragon is on the inside right front coat panel, hidden by the overlapping right panel.

Donor: Susan Schwartz

Price: $40.00
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2013 UC Davis Scarf Collection: Squeak Carnwath

Professor Emerita, UC Berkeley Artist

Connecting the Dots Learning Today


This work was created specifically for the UC Davis Scarf Collection. The art was made by scanning into the computer images made by Carnwath, along with an image of a map of the Davis campus. Then the images were manipulated, altered, and layered to create a digital file, which was then printed to make the scarf. To make the file/artwork for the scarf, Carnwath worked with Don Farnsworth at Magnolia Editions in Oakland, CA. The scarf is a limited edition original artwork because it exists only in this format.

The images on the scarf are laid on top of a map of the UC Davis campus. The California cutout shapes have a dot indicating the location of Davis.

Symbols on the work include: a candelabra for knowledge or insight; a log for good luck or an acknowledgement of the natural world or rural life; records for mortality and that we go around at least once; the vessel is an acknowledgement of anthropology, art and ancient history; the dots are connecting lines symbolizing making connections; a question mark for critical thinking or research or questioning (an important part of university life); and a net form symbolizes DNA.

100% Silk
Hand wash, dry flat, warm iron

Price: $50.00
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2013 UC Davis Scarf Collection: The Computer

  • The Computer Scarf
  • Francis F. Hamabe, 20th century
  • Color Serigraph
  • 16.75" x 11.625"
  • Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly
  • From the UC Davis Fine Arts Collection
  • Made from 100% Silk

  • 2036347
    Price: $16.95
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2013 UC Davis Scarf Collection: Untitled - Tie

Note: This is a tie, not a scarf.

  • Untitled Tie
  • Daniel Shapiro (Professor of Art, Emeritus at UC Davis), 1965
  • Charcoal and ink wash on paper
  • 22" x 29"
  • Gift of R. Lee & Syril Carlson
  • From the UC Davis Fine Arts Collection
  • Made from 100% Silk

  • 2036348
    Price: $29.95
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2013 UC Davis Scarf Collection: West African Strip-Cloth Tie

Detail: c. 1990

The dyed ground of this hand-woven coarse cotton strip-cloth was derived from Cola nitida (the Kola nut), with the pattern itself impressed with a dye derived from a compost of leaves and iron-bearing river mud; the stamp was carved from raffia palm.

Donor: Jo Ann C. Stabb

Price: $40.00
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UC Davis Scarf Collection: Wayne Thiebaud
Wayne Thiebaud

Bird, Circa 1971
Ink on paper
7 x 8.25” (image)
Gift of the artist
Image courtesy of the Richard L. Nelson Gallery and Fine Arts Collection

Wayne Thiebaud is a professor emeritus in fine art at UC Davis and one of America’s most renowned painters. Since the early 1960s, he has shaped a personal artistic vision that embraces different subjects and stylistic variations. Best known for his still life compositions of bakery goods and delicatessen counters with their distinctive brand of nostalgic Americana, he also has specialized in large-scale portraits, studies of Northern California landscape, and cityscapes featuring San Francisco’s nearly-vertical streets and sidewalks. He is a recipient of the UC Davis Prize for Teaching and Scholarly Achievement and the UC Davis Medal.

Price: $50.00
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