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UC Davis Stores Textbook Rental FAQ

How long is the rental period and what are the terms?

Books are rented for ONE TERM’s [quarter/semester] use. If you are in a multiple term course and want to rent that title, you would need to rent the book each term. Rental books are due the last day of Final Exams for the quarter in which they were rented. Books must be returned complete and in salable condition-- the spine of the book is intact; there is no damage to the book other than routine highlighting; all components [CDs etc.] must be present. Your student account will be charged the full replacement value [the used price of the book] for titles not returned by the due date. This replacement cost will be in addition to the rental fee paid when the book was rented and is non-refundable. We cannot accept late returns as our agreement with our textbook wholesale partners require us to return the books immediately at the end of the term. Normal tax rates will apply to rental transactions.

How do I know which books are available for rental?

Books available for rent will have a rental price on the course shelf tag on the textbook sales floor and on the UC Davis Stores web site ( If only new and used prices are shown, the book is not available for rent.

What do I need to rent my textbooks?

You must be a UC Davis student and present your Student ID card at the time of checkout at the cash register.

Are rental textbooks eligible for refunds?

Rental textbooks are eligible for refunds under the same terms and conditions as books that are purchased. Textbooks may be returned within the first five days of instruction for the quarter in which they are purchased. A full refund will be issued if returning books for a dropped course, a course that was cancelled, or the instructor changes the required books. All other textbook returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee. All textbook returns require a receipt; duplicate receipts will not be issued. For dropped courses, the books must be returned within 7 days of dropping the course with verification in order to receive a full refund.

Where do I return my rental books?

Rental books can be returned at the Memorial Union and any posted textbook buyback location during Finals Week.

What if I want to purchase my rental book?

This decision would need to be made during the textbook refund period. You would need to bring your rental book in for a refund and make a separate purchase. After the textbook refund period has passed, you cannot purchase your rented book.