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New academic books are priced among the lowest of all college and university stores with books billed at net price from the source of supply (publisher, wholesaler, importer. distributor) at a 22% margin (or 28.2% markup). Margin is defined as [(Retail – Gross Cost)/Retail]. Markup is defined as [(Retail – Gross Cost)/Cost]. Note that Gross Cost does not include freight costs and handing. Generally academic books billed at retail (with a discount) are sold at the retail price provided by the source of supply. These academic books generally have a 20% margin (or 25.0% markup).

The UC Davis Bookstore also has a selected lowest price guarantee program in place essentially matching the lowest price of any brick and mortar and/or legitimate virtual book retail source (e.g. Further, at the start of each quarter all medical and veterinary books are discounted at 10%.

Because of our lowest price guarantee, write-offs, discounts, freight and handling, and markdowns net of markups (due to obsolescence, spoilage, shrinkage, etc.) the average net gross margin for all new academic books for the last six years was 19.7% (FY 2006-7 was 20.4%).

Used academic books are priced at 75% of the new price with a margin of 33.3% (or a 50% markup). Students, other Third Parties and Wholesalers are paid (by the UC Davis Bookstore) 50% of the new price when purchasing used books if the book is being used in the upcoming quarter(s) and we have received a course adoption (electronic or written) from an appropriate authorized source (faculty, course coordinator, etc.).

The Campus Union and Recreation Board and the Bookstore Committee of this Board report to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and reviews and approves the pricing program for academic books annually. Any revenues (Gross Income less Expenses) are under the oversight of this committee and are utilized first to defray any expenses of the Memorial Union/Silo Auxiliaries of UC Davis and support specific university units providing space/services for store locations, and then to offset any capital expenditures of the MU/Silo Auxiliaries. The UC Davis Bookstore also supports the campus with payment of Direct Cost assessments.

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