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The Grapevine
The Grapevine

Patrick Iland

Peter Dry

Tony Proffitt

Steve Tyerman

The Grapevine explores the links between the scientific principles and the practice of viticulture. It will be of great interest to anyone involved in viticulture and winemaking as, while it focuses on theory, it also contains practical aspects of growing vines for wine. It covers the basic principles of the molecular, physiological, biochemical and practical aspects of growing vines for wine.

Extensive literature reviews provide a snapshot of current knowledge. New developments, in both research and practice, are discussed. Many diagrams and photographs are included. It provides an up-to-date, thoughtful, comprehensive and interesting account of the scientific principles relating to the practice of viticulture. The Grapevine covers viticulture theory and practices, research and practical case studies.

290 Colour illustrations 320 pages Publisher: Patrick Iland Wine Promotions

Item: 095816055

Price: $175.00


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