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Monitoring the Winemaking Process from Grapes to Wine 2nd ed
Monitoring the Winemaking Process from Grapes to Wine 2nd ed

Iland, Bruer, Ewart, Markides and Sitters

The book provides a comprehensive up-to-date coverage of concepts, tests and techniques that the winemaker can use to monitor wine style/quality throughout the winemaking process. This book starts with planning for vintage, estimating vineyard yield and assessing vine and berry characteristics, including berry sensory assessment. The cellar operation section includes methods relating to various additions in the winery, such as yeast, acid and sulfur dioxide, as well as fining trials and stability tests. The book concludes with a sensory evaluation section that covers basic sensory evaluation techniques, eg statistical tests and wine sensory vocabulary.

There are 130 matt plastic-coated colour coded A4 pages. It is ideally suited for day-to-day use in the wine laboratory or wine cellar, as a training resource and as a student text in wine courses.

The authors include academics, winemakers and industry personnel with many years of experience in teaching, research and industry practice.

Methods and tests include:

•Health and safety awareness
•Planning for vintage
•Vineyard sampling
•Determining vineyard yield
•Assessing vine characteristics
•Berry assessment and analysis
•Processing a berry/bunch sample to obtain juice
•Sampling a load of grapes
•Grape load assessment
•Cleaning, sanitising and sterilising
•Sampling procedures
•Monitoring fermentation
•Turbidity measures
•Sensory evaluation of wines
•Additives, fining agents and processing aids
•Additions of acid, enzymes, deacidification agents, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, diammonium phosphate, tannins and ascorbic acid, oak derived components, gases, yeast and malolactic bacteria.
•Fining agents
•Fining trials
•Stability tests — protein, tartrate, oxidative and colour
•Laccase activity in grapes, juice and wines
•Identification of hazes and deposits
•Bottling wines

Format: Spiral bound Number of pages: 130 Width: 295.00 mm Height: 215.00 mm

Item: 095816056

Price: $150.00


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