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Making Sense of Wine Tasting
Making Sense of Wine Tasting

This new and completely updated edition, by one of the wine world's greatest authorities, sets out to teach you that wine, like anything else that gives us pleasure, can be enjoyed more fully by those who have taken the trouble to learn something about it, and who have tried to develop their individual sensory systems. The human sensory system, which includes sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, can be trained, just as our minds or muscles can be trained. In fact, a high level of assessment skill is within reach of the average wine lover. With the tools given in this book, wine's myriad sensory cues of quality become discernible, and the distinct and deep pleasure of wine accessible.

  • ISBN-13: 9781891267031
  • Publisher: Wine Appreciation Guild, Limited
  • Publication date: 8/20/2010
  • Pages: 212

Item: 189126703
Price: $9.98


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