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Wine in the Bible
Wine in the Bible

Wine was an inseparable part of the ancient Israeli diet. Its production was so important that farmers with active vineyards were exempt from military service. In the Bible, only water and bread are mentioned as often. In Wine in the Bible, Jabier Marquinez gives readers unique insight into wine's inextricable place in the lives of ancient Israelites with direct references form the Old and New Testaments, which relay such intricate details as:

  • Specific vineyard practices from grafting and pruning to watering and fertilizing.
  • Ethical labor agreements with foreign vineyard workers.
  • Vineyard pests and proper abatement techniques.
  • Harvesting, blending and storage procedures.
  • Ancient winery technology.
  • The use of wine as medicine and dyes.
  • What the ancient's considered "moderate" wine consumption.
  • And much more.

Wine in the Bible is a fascinating examination of the daily lives, at work and leisure, of Biblical-era winemakers, and wine drinkers.

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