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Homegrown Honey Bees
Homegrown Honey Bees

Homegrown Honey Bees introduces the basic procedures, possibilities and pleasures of keeping bees. Spectacular macro photography brings the inner workings of the hive to life while the passionate, playful text leads the beginning beekeeper through the first year. All the primary concerns are addressed from allergies, permits and restrictions, and potential issues with the neighbours to hive structure, colony hierarchy and bee behaviour.

Beekeepers Alethea Morrison and Mars Vilaubi chronicle the happenings in their own hive and share the challenges of their first year from replacing a failing queen bee to sustaining a colony over a cold winter, as well as the reward of tasting their first honey harvest.

Beginners, dreamers, families and educators will find this highly visual reference an indispensable guide to becoming a confident, happy beekeeper.

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