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A Practical Treatise on the Hive and The Honey-Bee
A Practical Treatise on the Hive and The Honey-Bee

This influential guide by the Reverend L. L. Langstroth, ‘the father of modern beekeeping.” revolutionised the practice of beekeeping. Originally published in 1853, his work constitutes the first descriptive treatise of modern bee management – its innovations allowed people to engage in actual beekeeping, rather than simply handling bee domiciles and extracting the honey. This book explains and illustrates techniques still employed 150 years later – including the author’s patented invention, a movable frame hive that quickly spread into common use around the world [..] This version of Langstroth’s ever-popular manual is the fourth and final edition; it incorporates the author’s own revisions and remains an unsurpassed resource for beekeepers. A facsimile (2014) of the 3rd edition – originally published in 1860 under the title of A Practical Treatise on the Hive and the Honey Bee.

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