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Sprinkle Irrigation of Row and Field Crops
Sprinkle Irrigation of Row and Field Crops

This manual gives a practical, in-depth look at sprinkle irrigation in California as used on vegetable crops. This manual provides practical information on the design, management, and maintenance of the sprinkle irrigation methods commonly used in California for irrigating field and row crops, with a focus on hand-move, wheel line, and portable solid-set systems. Other systems, not commonly used in California are also discussed.

Inside you'll find discussion of management considerations such as when to irrigate, how much water to apply, and how to monitor soil moisture. You’ll also find an overview of uniformity and efficiency, sprinkle lateral design considerations, calculating pressure losses along laterals, factors affecting uniformity, effect of pressure spacing, and wind on catch can uniformity, as well as evaluating and improving sprinkle irrigation systems.

A chapter on energy considerations covers pump selection, factors that affect pumping plant performance, pump performance tests, variable speed drives for pumping plants, and measures to consider to reduce energy use.

Handy tables clearly illustrate key concepts to help you with decision making and trouble-shooting. Contains 46 illustrations and 28 tables, as well as 8 appendices of selected cover-crop coefficient relationships.

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