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Doctoral Hood
Doctoral Hood

The academic hood is a symbol of your personal achievement. The satin lining is done in the approved color of the University awarding the degree, while the velvet indicates the degree earned.

The hood worn by those receiving the master's and doctoral degrees hangs to the rear from the neck and is fastened to shirt buttons by an elastic cord. To avoid wearing the hood inside out, make sure that the velvet facing of the hood is visible under the chin and lies flat over the shoulders. This hood measures four feet long.

Please Note: This item will take a minimum of 7 weeks for delivery. Rush fees and additional handling costs starting at $65 will apply for orders requiring earlier shipment. Rush orders may reduce the turnaround time 1–3 weeks; though this may not be possible during peak times including May, June and December. If you would like to pursue a rush order, please email a request to [email protected] after you submit your online order. You must include your 5-digit order number in the email.

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