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Honey: Nature's Golden Healer
Honey: Nature's Golden Healer

In this well-designed book, Havenhand—who runs U.K. bee product company Medibee—makes a strong (if redundant) case for the healing properties of honey. Opening with an overview of beekeeping (hive organization, why bees hate smoke, how honey is collected, etc.), she answers virtually all bee-related questions before diving into the meat of the book, which extols the myriad alleged benefits of honey. The culinary applications of honey are just the tip of the iceberg. According to Havenhand, honey can be used to heal wounds, treat burns, thrush, colds, insomnia, and bedwetting, as well as lowering blood pressure. If you rub it vigorously into your scalp with a cut onion, honey might even put hair back on your head. While this information is entertaining and useful, few of her claims (save honey's ability to heal wounds) are backed by research or third party verification. That said, those with an affinity for honey (or those who've been harboring a desire to start beekeeping) will find this an entertaining assemblage of tips, history, and trivia. (Aug.)

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