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Starting Sensory Therapy
Starting Sensory Therapy

Arnwine, Bonnie (Author)

Fun, functional, and easy to set up and clean up, these activities will help all kids (and moms and dads, too) get in sync. Thank you, Bonnie. We need this book! --Carol Kranowitz, MA, author of "The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun" and "The Goodenoughs Get in Sync"

What a fun book! It is filled with numerous sensory activities that will facilitate learning and skill development. Ms. Arnwine extends many of the activities that provide the opportunity for a variety of creative play. This book is a welcome addition and will be utilized by parents, teachers, and therapists. --Nancy Kashman, LOTR, co-author of "The Sensory Connection "

Finally, a sensory integration recipe book abundant with fun and easy activities to help my son adapt to his environment. We get to play with family and friends, which makes him feel part of the group and encourages social development! --Nancy Heller, Parent I am so excited to try out many of the ideas . . . my children s sensory needs will be met in a simple, fun way without them even knowing it! --Michele Brewster, Parent I have just finished reading "Starting Sensory Integration Therapy" and I loved it. It was very easy to read, and the personal stories helped me to connect with the therapies and activities. I love how the activities use regular househould items that I already have around the house. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! --Debra Ponder, Parent"

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