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El Espanol y la Linguistica Aplicada
El Espanol y la Linguistica Aplicada

Blake, Robert J (Author), Zyzik, Eve C (Author), Ortega, Lourdes (Foreword by)

Informed by the latest research in the fields of second language acquisition and applied linguistics, El espanol y la linguistica aplicada responds to the central questions that lie at the heart of learning Spanish as a second or foreign language. What does it mean to know a language? Can technology help second language learners? How does studying abroad promote language acquisition?

Framing chapters in terms of these and other critical areas of inquiry, Robert J. Blake and Eve C. Zyzik examine the linguistic challenges and pitfalls involved in Spanish-language learning and delve into practical implications for students and teachers. Written entirely in Spanish, some chapters focus on specific areas of Spanish grammar that tend to pose difficulty for learners, while others explore broad pedagogical themes related to the concept of proficiency, the nature of input, and the impact of learning context. Each chapter ends with a series of guided questions for reflection and further research. Designed to address the pre-service training needs of Spanish language professionals, El espanol y la linguistica aplicada will also be of interest to anyone wishing to develop linguistic expertise in this important world language.

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