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Vitibook contains a large amount of information on several pivotal aspects of modern viticulture. The aim of this book is to provide a background and a guide to the production of grapes. Its scope is considerable; it covers a very broad range of topics related to applied viticulture, from culture to production.

Unlike several other applied viticulture books, Vitibook is easy to read and well organized in several chapters. The nine sections, each prepared by experts in the particular subject area, are well written and the numerous illustrative figures and tables are a very useful synthesis of several topics. Despite this, the material is not elementary; contrarily, the level of details is quite adequate for a full understating of the complex dynamics between environment and cultivar selection.

The range of topics is truly extensive and includes world statistics, soil and climate, vine morphology, grape varieties and clones, pest and diseases. An additional and appropriate complete glossary is reported at the end of the book.

However, to achieve the goal of a comprehensive, but practical book, a number of sections, normally covered in standard textbooks, such as irrigation, nutrition, tractors and sprayers, has been greatly reduced and summarized with illustrations, pictures and tables.

This book will be an excellent source of science-based information for commercial growers and scientists. It will have a special value in regions where grape growing is already been established and look for more advanced improvements especially in the area of grape variety, clone and rootstock selection. Material on vine and enological characteristics of grape varieties and clones are not always easy to obtain and the summary reported in the Vitibook is unique and most relevant for the fast growing wine industry of USA"

Paolo Sabbatini

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