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Sensory and Instrumental Evaluation of Alcoholic Beverages
Sensory and Instrumental Evaluation of Alcoholic Beverages

Heymann, Hildegarde (Author), Ebeler, Susan E (Author)

Sensory and Instrumental Evaluation of Alcoholic Beverages introduces the value of sensory analysis to the alcoholic beverage industry through the detailed lens of sensory analysis techniques. From traditional methods, to the most modern rapid methods, this book presents comprehensive insights and applications.

Analytical methods for identifying and assessing the flavor compounds present in the beverages are included that address both volatile and non-volatile techniques, along with rapid methods of assessment. Case studies highlight the testing of different types of alcoholic beverages running the entire gamut of methods and the appropriate subset of methods. Also included is information of data analyses with the appropriate R-codes to allow practitioners to use the book as a handbook to analyze their own data.

Uniquely focused on alcoholic beverages and their assessment
Includes real-world information for practical application
Presents a full range of methodologies, providing key comparative insights

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