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Quantum Physics, Mini Black Holes and the Multiverse
Quantum Physics, Mini Black Holes and the Multiverse

Terning, John (Author), Poirier, Bill (Author), Nomura, Yasunori (Author), Nekoogar, Farzad (Editor)

This book explores, explains and debunks some common misconceptions about quantum physics, particle physics, space-time, and multiverse cosmology, and seeks to separate the science from the pseudoscience.

Section one clarifies what the basic experimental facts imply about the nature of nonlocality, the quantum wavefunction, and what can be measured. It discusses two key quantum experiments: the double-slit experiment and the EPR experiment. In both cases, reasoning is by analogy with everyday situations that the reader is already familiar with, with the mathematics kept to a bare minimum.

Section two covers:
- The size of elementary particles
- The structure of atoms
- Mini black holes and why they couldn't have destroyed the Earth when the LHC was switched on
- The Higgs boson destroying the universe
- Parallel universes

The final section of the book covers multiverse cosmology, showing that it follows the standard methodology in science: forming a hypothesis about the natural world based on observation (with the help of mathematics) and then looking for evidence that further supports it. It clarifies that the multiverse concept is based on mathematics, it is a prediction/consequence of string theories, and a subject of current research activity, rather than a construct of pseudoscience or science fiction.

The material is presented in a layperson-friendly language followed by additional technical sections which explain basic equations and principles. This feature is very attractive to readers who want to learn more about the theories involved beyond the basic description. A related documentary about the Multiverse is available online at:

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