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Dead on Delivery ( Messenger Novels )
Dead on Delivery ( Messenger Novels )

Rendahl, Eileen (Author)

Messenger Melina Markowitz delivers the goods for the otherworldly beings in our midst no questions asked. It s a job and a mission, one that puts Melina in the line of fire when things go wrong.

When a delivery leads to a dead man, Melina s cop boyfriend, Ted Goodnight, starts grilling her about her latest job. But Melina doesn t know who sent the package or what was in it. That s not the way she works. What she does know that Ted doesn t is that this isn t the first time this has happened.

There are two men who have bitten the dust after a delivery from Melina. As she tries to put together the pieces of this puzzle, she discovers that the two victims share common friends, common unexplained absences, and a common crime. Now, dark forces from the local community have been unleashed, drawing Melina into the web of a powerful woman, her voodoo, and her vengeance "

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