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Handbook of Enology Vol. 1:  The Microbiology of Wine
Handbook of Enology Vol. 1: The Microbiology of Wine

The "Microbiology" volume of the new revised and updated Handbook of Enology focuses on the vinification process. It describes how yeasts work and how they can be influenced to achieve better results. It continues to look at the metabolism of lactic acid bacterias and of acetic acid bacterias, and again, how can they be treated to avoid disasters in the winemaking process and how to achieve optimal results. The last chapters in the book deal with the use of sulfur-dioxide, the grape and its maturation process, harvest and pre-fermentation treatment, and the basis of red, white and speciality wine making. The result is the ultimate text and reference on the science and technology of the vinification process: understanding and dealing with yeasts and bacterias involved in the transformation from grape to wine. A must for all serious students and practitioners involved in winemaking.

Author: Ribereau-Gayon, P. Binding: Hardcover Copyright: 2006 Edition: 2nd Publisher: Wiley

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