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Introduction to the Wine Laboratory Practices and Procedures
Introduction to the Wine Laboratory Practices and Procedures

With the rapid growth of the wine industry, it has become increasingly important for not only the enologist and winemaker, but also cellar and laboratory staff to perform the routine winemaking duties. Written by a practitioner with hands-on experience in the field, this book provides a step-by-step guide to performing these essential tasks. Gently easing the reader into the more advanced concepts and analysis, the book covers vineyard sampling to bottling with sections on chemistry, safety, quality control, and general wine education. It's a must have for entry level wine chemists and enologists; students in junior college programs; small and large wineries; professional and home wine makers; winery production staff; or anyone wanting to learn about winemaking in an easy to understand format.

Author: Jacobson, Jean L. Binding: Hardcover Copyright: 2006 Edition: 1st Publisher: Springer

Item: 038724377
Price: $84.95


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