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Microbiological Analysis of Grapes and Wine:  Techniques
Microbiological Analysis of Grapes and Wine: Techniques

The book provides and introduction to the role of microbiology in winemaking. The step-by-step approach to the techniques and procedures provides an easy guide to the conduct of microbiological practices in the winery and laboratory. Colour photographs illustrate microbiological techniques and procedures, apparatus and instrumentation. There are 124 matt plastic-coated, colour-coded A4 pages. This book is ideally suited for day-to-day use in the wine microbiology laboratory and winery, as a training resource and as a studen text in wine courses.

Author: Patrick Iland Author: Alison Soden Author: Martin Grinbergs Author: Paul Grbin Author: Leigh Schmidtke Binding: Spiral Copyright: 2007 Publisher: Winetitles

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