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Set in the Napa Valley at the turn of the century, this novel beautifully evokes the characters' love of the land and the rhythms of life lived close to the earth and its seasons. Spirited Alda Pendle is the daughter of a viticulturist who has taught her his craft. When he dies, leaving her without property, her skills make her indispensable to the solitary owner of one of the old vineyards in the valley. The novel provides a vivid history of winemaking in California to the Prohibition era.

"Not until now has any book captured the tang of the rain-blown eucalyptus, the curve of the tawny hills, the furious salty smell of the bay marshes. . . . The Vineyard is undoubtedly a regional novel, because it is about a region which could as easily be Burgundy or the Rhone as Napa Valley, but it is a rare one because it makes the people who live in that region not only alive in themselves but a true part of the soil they live on. It is in a completely simple and real way a long song, and it is as heartening as wine to read."--M.F.K. Fisher, Books

Author: Idwal Jones Binding: Paperback Copyright: 1997 Edition: 1st Publisher: University of California Press

Item: 052021090
Price: $18.95


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