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University Wine Course
University Wine Course

Now the most widely used wine textbook on for colleges and universities. Also popular with serious wine enthusiasts for home study. Provides a 12 week program for learning about wine in-depth, from sensory evaluation to the science of viticulture and winemaking. Written and organized in a user friendly style. Includes chapter exams and answers, study guides, lab exercises, final exams and extensive references and bibliography. Illustrated with aendixes on Wine & Food, Label Reading, Do-It-Yourself Labs, Student tasting notes and more. Dr. Baldy is a USDA award-winning professor of sciences who has operated her own vineyard and winery and has taught wine areciation for academic credits to university students for over 20 years. 8 1/2 x 11 inches, illustrated, glossary, maps, aendixes.

Author: Marian W. Baldy Binding: Paperback Copyright: 1994 Edition: 1st Publisher: Wine Appreciation Guild

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