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Viticulture Volume 1:  Resources
Viticulture Volume 1: Resources

Since its release in 1988 Viticulture Volume I Resources and its companion book Volume II Practices have become definitive texts in viticulture throughout the English speaking world. Following a complete revision Volume I is now around twice as long as the first edition. New material has been added to each chapter, especially those on regions, climate and soils. There is also a new chapter on grape berry development and winegrape quality which covers the methods used to assess quality potential including vineyard factors. Examines the Australian viticulture process. Looks at soils, phenology, taxonomy, rootstocks, materials, and site selection.

Author: Peter Dry Author: Brian Coombe Binding: Paperback Copyright: 2005 Edition: 2nd Publisher: Winetitles

Item: 097568500
Price: $85.00


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