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Wine Grape Varieties in California
Wine Grape Varieties in California

This beautifully illustrated book is a “must-have” for growers, vintners, and enthusiasts.

Inside you’ll find information on ripening periods for 53 varieties grown in California, ripening dates of varieties by period and growing district, detailed illustrations of grapevine structure, a glossary, and a bibliography. The star of the show is the discussion of the 36 major wine grape varieties grown in the state, covering synonyms, source, physical characteristics such as clusters, berries, and leaves, harvest periods and methods, and winery use. Each variety is highlighted by close-up photography of its clusters, leaves and leaf shoots – 107 lush color photos in all.

Author: ANR Publication 3419 Binding: Paperback Copyright: 2003 Edition: 1st Publisher: Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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