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Wine Microbiology
Wine Microbiology

Wine Microbiology provides a detailed, step-by-step procedural guide to the isolation and characterization of bacteria and yeast common to the juice and wine environment. Written by Kenneth C. Fugelsang, co-author of Wine Analysis and Production, the book discusses not only routine methodology but interpretation of results and how these results affect the wine maker. In an easy-to-understand format, this invaluable resource addresses 'real world' problems. The book begins with an outline covering specific aspects that impact the winemaking process, such as the origins, development, and identification and enumeration of microorganisms and their impact on production and stability. This provides the basis for an in-depth look at issues concerning primary processing of grapes, must, juice, the fermentation process, and bottling as well as the crucial area of sanitation. Basic equipment and supplies required for set-up of a microbiological laboratory component in an already existing analytical laboratory, as well as current costs are thoroughly explored. In addition, four helpful appendices are provided, reviewing basic concepts and techniques important to the successful operation of microbiology laboratory as well as the makeup of laboratory media for growth and diagnostic purposes. Taking a pragmatic approach, this user-friendly guide will prove to be a valuable aid for all winemakers and laboratory personnel worldwide. Students of enology will also find it a useful tool in their studies of wine microbiology.

Author: Kenneth C. Fugelsang Binding: Hardback Edition: 2nd Publisher: Springer Kluwer

Item: 038733341
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