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Wine-Growers Guide: How-to Grown Wine Grapes
Wine-Growers Guide: How-to Grown Wine Grapes

This best-selling practical "how-to grow wine grapes" guide is again available. With over five decades of experience in cultivating wine grapes, the author provides easy to understand essentials to establishing the vineyard, pruning and training, vineyard management, propagating the vine and vine ailments. The first authoritative manual to wine-grape cultivation in America, not only under California conditions but viticulture under vastly different conditions prevailing in the rest of North America. Suitable for the amateur but also of great value to the commercial grower as well. French and American Hybrids and traditional European varieties are covered.

by Philip M. Wagner Paperback Publisher: Wine Appreciation Guild, Limited Pub. Date: January 1996 ISBN-13: 9780932664921 Sales Rank: 147,952 240pp Edition Description: REVISED Edition Number: 3

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