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Songbird, Bat and Owl Boxes
Songbird, Bat and Owl Boxes

This handy new guide explores the benefits of the biodiversity and aesthetics of songbirds, bats, and owls and suggests "win-win" situations for the environment and for grape growers.

You'll learn about ideas and methods for integrating nest boxes with vineyard management, biology and habitat requirements, details on construction and maintenance, literature sources, and online resources where you can get more information.

While written with grape growers and vineyard managers in mind, anyone interested in learning about nest boxes will find this guide useful -- from vineyards to the backyard.

Illustrated with 30 color photographs, 14 figures and tables.

Publication Number: 21636 Author: HEATON, LONG, INGELS, HOFFMAN Inventory Type: Paperback Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-485-0 Copyright Date: 2008 Length: 51 pp

Item: 160107485
Price: $15.00


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