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The Wine Press and the Cellar
The Wine Press and the Cellar

Born in Vermont in 1841, Bemmet Hawkins Rixford came to San Francisco in 1869 to practice law; his avocation soon became winemaking. Drawing on American and European sources, he read all he could find on the subject. His organization of this material became "The Wine Press and the Cellar, published in 1883. As Rixford notes in the preface, the book "is the result of research on the part of the author chiefly for his own benefit." In it, he hopes "that the beginner will always find a safe course pointed out to him...and that the experienced viniculturist will have brought to his mind many things forgotten."

  • Emmet Hawkins Rixford
  • Hardcover
  • Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science

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