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Maintaining Microirrigation Systems
Maintaining Microirrigation Systems

By Larry Schwankl, L. Schwankl, B. Hanson, T. Prichard, Blaine Hanson, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Communication Services, University of California (System)

List of Tables 1 microsprinkler , calcium carbonate , drip line Overview of Maintenance Needs 7 microsprinklers , calcium carbonate , chlorine Preventing Biological Growths 17 calcium hypochlorite , hypochlorous acid , sodium hypochlorite Preventing Calcium Carbonate Clogging 23 manganese , sulfuric acid , hydrogen sulfide Clogging and Fertigation 31 media filter , screen filter , diammonium phosphate Preventing Root Intrusion in Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems 39 drip tape , trifluralin , Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Published by ANR Publications, 2008

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