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Compendium of Beet Diseases and Pests, Second Edition
Compendium of Beet Diseases and Pests, Second Edition

Edited by Robert M. Harveson, Linda E. Hanson, and Gary L. Hein

Compendium of Beet Diseases and Pests, Second Edition is a complete revision of the first edition and is updated and expanded to provide current and relevant beet (Beta vulgaris L.) production problems in one comprehensive volume. This revision was authored by 28 scientists affiliated with 14 different institutions or organizations, and contains nearly 400 images throughout, approximately 80% of which are new to this volume.

This second edition has been significantly expanded and is organized into several major sections, including a new introduction with brief histories of beet production, botany, and breeding. The remainder of the book is divided into 5 major parts: biotic disorders, abiotic disorders, postharvest deterioration of sugar beet, major insect and arthropod pests, and newly emerging issues. The description of each disease includes a general account of its importance and world distribution, symptoms, causal organism or agent, disease cycle and epidemiology, management, and selected references.

2009; 8.5” x 11” softcover; 160 (est.) pages; 289 color images; 10 black and white images; ISBN 978-0 89054-365-8; (2 pounds); Item No. 43658

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