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Integrated Pest Management for Walnuts-Third Edition
Integrated Pest Management for Walnuts-Third Edition

Author: Larry L. Strand

This manual includes comprehensive information on each crop pest, including identification tips, monitoring methods, treatment thresholds, biological controls, and other management techniques.

What’s new in the 3rd Edition?

·65 more photos, for a total of 215 photos, and printed in larger format with improved color
·An additional 24 pest problems are discussed and illustrated for a total of more than 90
·The section on codling moth has been completely rewritten to include information on pheromone confusion, release of the Trichogramma egg parasite, and the new kairomone lure that attracts both male and female moths
·Expanded chapters on vertebrate pests and weed management
·At 136 pages, the revision is 40% longer than the previous edition

Growers who want to keep abreast of innovative technologies for walnut pest management should make room on their bookshelf for this revised manual.

Publication Number: 3270 Inventory Type: Paperback Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1-879906-62-4 Copyright Date: 2003 Length: 136 pp

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Price: $30.00


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