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The Holy Spirit of Life
The Holy Spirit of Life

by Joe Wenderoth

The bold and surprising imagination of Joe Wenderoth is everywhere present in these essays moving fluidly between aesthetics, obscenity, America, censorship, and the craft of poetry. Fans of his previous work know he is one of those rare figures who travels between pop culture, poetry, and cultural critique, and all will be thrilled to find his uncompromising and inimitable sensibility on brilliant display.

Joe Wenderoth grew up near Baltimore. His books include the novel Letters To Wendy's (Verse Press, 2000) and the poetry collections It Is If I Speak and Disfortune (Wesleyan, 2000, 1995). Agony: A Proposal is forthcoming from Verse Press. He teaches at the University of California Davis, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Pub. Date: November 2005 Publisher: Wave Books Format: Paperback, 160pp

Item: 097463537

Price: $14.00


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