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First Steps in Winemaking
First Steps in Winemaking

Contributor(s): Berry, C J J (Author)

Delve into the world of winemaking with an essential classic. "First Steps in Winemaking" was the first modern book to introduce the winemaking process to the at-home vinter and instantly became a must-have for those just discovering the craft.

Using the methods and techniques found within the pages of this book, the reader is sure to have success, right in their very own kitchen. They will learn everything they need to know to make their own wine, from how to obtain the desired flavor to maintaining the proper acid levels.

Find a new favorite among the 130-plus recipes included, and learn which wines are best for which seasons. Turning a kitchen into an at-home vineyard is fun and rewarding!

Features: Bibliography, Index, Price on Product, Illustrated, Table of Contents Physical Info: 0.6" H x 9.01" L x 6.06" W (1.07 lbs) 231 pages

Item: 156523602

Price: $14.95


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