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Vineyard Pest Identification and Monitoring Cards
Vineyard Pest Identification and Monitoring Cards

Keep your vineyard healthy by staying on top of pest activity with this pack of 50 sturdy, pocket-size laminated cards. This is the perfect quick reference to identifying and monitoring vineyard diseases and pests.

Covers 27 common insects and mites, 8 diseases, 6 beneficial insects, and a variety of other disorders, weeds, and invertebrate pests. Each pest is identified by a description and excellent close-up color photographs—244 photos in all. On the reverse of each card is a description of the various life stages and monitoring tips.

Also includes descriptions of natural enemies and suggestions for least toxic management options as well as handy inch and metric measurement scales. A sturdy rivet keeps the set together so individual cards don’t stray.

These 50 information-rich cards will help growers, vineyard managers, and their teams identify and manage most common problems.

Includes everything from mealybugs and phylloxera to glassy-winged sharpshooter and Eutypa dieback, all of which have an impact on California vineyards.

Watch for the Spanish-language version of these cards coming in early 2012. Sign up to be notified of availability by clicking on the Join E-mail List button to the right.

Publication Number: 3532

Author: Lucia G. Varela, Walt J. Bentley

Inventory Type: Laminated Cards

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-736-3

Copyright Date: 2011

Length: 50 pp

Item: 160107736

Price: $25.00


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