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Jackson: A Novel

Byrd, Max (Author)

In Jackson, Max Byrd has re-created the life and times of this powerful, controversial, and contradictory man from a variety of viewpoints, including an unfinished and uncomplimentary biography of the General, a remembrance by his closest personal aide and confidant, and the research of a young writer named David Chase. Chase knows very well that his biography could ruin Jackson's chances in the upcoming presidential election. Still, he is determined to write the first unbiased account of the General's life. Was Jackson really a charismatic demagogue, a crude backwoods barbarian, a representative of the decline of American democracy? Or was there something more behind the public image of war hero, campaign buttons, and emotionally charged rhetoric? What Chase finds is a man even more contradictory than the rumors told about him: a Jackson both savagely honest and politically cunning, a self-made man who always longed to belong, an orphaned boy who grew up with an untamed fury for respect and honor, a man as tough as the Tennessee wilderness from which he came. While researching his subject, Chase falls under the spell of the captivating Emma Colden, companion of a powerful senator and an ardent supporter of reform and women's rights, and comes across a secret that could change the future of America ... as well as his own. On the eve of the presidential election, Chase must choose between truth and compassion.

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