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UC Davis Honey Orange Blossom (3 oz)

Orange Blossom Honey celebrates a long history in California. The first trees were planted in Mexican Los Angeles in 1835 by William Wolfskill. A short while later, William and his brother John planted citrus and grapes just outside of Winters, Calif. at Rancho de los Putos, later renamed the Wolfskill Experimental Orchards. In 1934, 107 acres of the ranch were deeded to the University. Wolfskill Ranch is home to the USDA National Germplasm Repository, a living library of fruit, and an integral part of UC Davis.

Today, the Honey and Pollination Center brings you an authentic honey experience. Enjoy the delightful bouquet of orange blossoms. One taste and you will be transported back to the groves of the 1800’s. This honey has been gently heated and strained to preserve the pollens native to the area. All natural honey will eventually crystallize.

Crystallized honey is spreadable and will melt in hot tea or coffee. If you prefer liquid honey, warm the jar in hot – not boiling – water. To liquefy in a microwave, remove the lid and heat at medium setting for 30 seconds. Overheating will damage the honey’s wonderful flavor and natural enzymes.

  • Sold in 3 ounce jars.

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