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Am I an Insect?

Duehl, Kristine (Author), Castronovo, Katy (Illustrator)

With colorful and accurate illustrations designed to engage young readers, this book implements an inquiry-style teaching method that discusses the characteristics that differentiate insects from other organisms.Byaskingifeach illustration shows an insect before providing information on each animal and how its characteristics do or do not classify it as an insect, the book encourages readers to participate, fromcounting the number of legs a creature hastoidentifying its body parts. Finishing with a summary of all insect characteristics, itasks the reader to decide if a snail is an insect based on what they have learned throughout the book. The inquiry styledemonstrated throughouthas been shown to be one of the most effective ways of engaging readers in the subject material and to teach children scientific thinking, making it easy for them to find characteristics of insects without adult assistance."

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