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A Wilder Time

Glassley, William E (Author)

William E. Glassley turned to creative nonfiction after an inspired career as an Arctic geologist, and now delivers the very best in scientific nature writing. With this book, he offers a passionate, sensory experience of the Arctic wilderness, fascinating insight into the process and controversies of research and discovery, and approachable, scientific explanations about the planet's origins.

While Glassley conveys the immediate threat of climate change and articulates the immense importance of the wild, he also invites the reader to experience a breathtaking landscape few will be able to visit themselves. As one of the only humans to set foot in this wilderness in thousands of years, he is uniquely able to satisfy the curiosity about a place people know only through abstract headlines about its destruction.

Bellevue Literary Press is devoted to publishing literary fiction and nonfiction at the intersection of the arts and sciences because we believe that science and the humanities are natural companions for understanding the human experience. This book--and its author--are as closely aligned with that mission as it's possible to be.

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