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Cover Image For If Hummingbirds Could Hum by Marla K. Greenway

If Hummingbirds Could Hum by Marla K. Greenway

Professors, staff and students in VetMed and Design have collaborated with the Arboretum on a new book going to print now. If Hummingbirds Could Hum is a cheerful, creative look into the world of hummingbirds. This gentle poem book is full of fun facts about these brightly colored and mesmerizing birds. With an added section on attracting hummingbirds to your garden, and directions on what to do if you find an injured hummingbird, this book is not just entertainment for your little ones, but a resource for hummingbird lovers of all ages. The the co-editor is a hummingbird rehabilitator and also a professional writer for children’s books.

Profits from the sale of the book will go toward supporting the UC Davis Hummingbird Health and Conservation Program. Click here to visit the UC Davis Vet Med Hummingbird webpage

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