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UC Davis Koroneiki Olive Oil - 2023 Special Release

In Greece the Koroneiki is considered "the queen of olives" and is recognized globally as one of the preferred varietals for oil production. The Koreneiki tree has grown there for more than 3000 years and is a prolific producer. While the olives themselves are very small, they contain very high levels of poly-phenols, the natural antioxidants found in plants that may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Poly-phenols and other antioxidants found in olives can protect the human body against free radical damage.

The Koreneiki olive, picked while still green, is highly prized for its aromatic, strongly flavored oil, perfect for in its natural raw state or added at the end of cooking. Oil from the Koroneiki olive has a complex aroma, often with subtle hints of other herbs and vegetation growing in or near the groves. This olive oil contains fruit and floral notes that make it perfect for finishing any dish!

This UC Davis Special Edition Olive Oil is grown, harvested, milled, pressed, bottled, and designed 100% by UC Davis students at local orchards under the direction and guidance of the Robert Mondavi Institute. Even the Olive plant image on the label was drawn by a student in the program!

Visit the UC Davis Olive Center website to learn more about their programs and research.

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