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Defects Wheel for Wine

Author: Sue Langstaff

The most telling quality control apparatus in wine making and evaluation is the educated nose. No other modern contraption comes close. Catching a minute odor in a young wine can portend a minor defect turning into a major disaster as the wine ages. This is obviously crucial to the winemaker, but is just as important to a wine merchant s profit margin and a collector s investment. And knowing the chemical cause of a hint of wet cardboard certainly doesn t hurt the consumer when sending back an expensive wine at a restaurant.

The Defects Wheel for Wine is the single convenient, easy-to-use source for identifying all of the aromas and flavors generated by chemical faults in wine. Created by Sue Langstaff, one of wine s leading sensory evaluation consultants, The Wheel also details the: molecule responsible for the defect/aroma; chemical formula of defect; stage of process when defect occurs; typical concentration in wine; approximate aroma threshold; possible causes, treatments, and prevention. All of that in a nine-inch wide, double-sided, laminated disk.

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