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A New Frame of Reference
Prehistoric Culture Chronology and Ecology in the North-Central Sierra Nevada

CARD #16

edited by Jeffrey Rosenthal

This volume focuses on the archaeological record of the western slope of the north-central Sierra Nevada, encompassing the watersheds of the Mokelumne, Calaveras, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne rivers. Much of the research presented here was originally produced as part of archaeological investigations sponsored by the California Department of Transportation, including the East Sonora Bypass project.

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Cultural Diversity and Culture Change in Prehistoric Clear..
C.A.R.D. Publication #13 2002

Author: White, Gregory G. Binding: Paperback

Price: $40.00
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Ezra's Retreat: A Rockshelter/Cave Occupation Site...
C.A.R.D. Publication #6 1979

Author: Bard, James C., Busby, Colin I., Kobori, Larry S. Binding: Paperback

Price: $5.00
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Global Warming in California

Global Warming in California: A Lesson From the Medieval Climatic Anomaly (A.D. 800-1350)

CARD #17

Author: Al W. Schwitalla

Price: $35.00
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Landscape Evolution & the Archaeological Record
C.A.R.D. Publication #14 2004 A geoarchaeological study of the southern Santa Clara Valley and surrounding region

Author: Rosenthal, J. & Meyer, J. Binding: Paperback

Price: $30.00
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Papers on Nisenan Environment and Subsistence

This Volume offers a collection of papers on the archaeology and ethnography of the Nisenan. Chapters cover the geomorphology of the Auburn area (Ritter); a short history of mining culture in the Auburn area (Hansbearry); Pollen from the Spring Garden Ravine Site (Matson); Ethnobotanical notes on the region (Erskian and Ritter); traditional foothill Nisenan food technology (Wilson) and a summary of Nisenan ecology (Matson).

Price: $25.00
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Prehistoric Use of a Marginal Environment

Prehistoric Use of a Marginal Environment: Continuity and Change in Occupation of the Volcanic Tablelands, Mono and Inyo Counties, California

Price: $25.00
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Prehistory of the Sacramento River Canyon Shasta County, CA
C.A.R.D. Publication #9 1989

Author: Basgall, Mark E., Hildebrandt, William R. Binding: Paperback

Price: $22.00
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Reconstructing Lifeways in Ancient California

Reconstructing Lifeways in Ancient California: Stable Isotope Evidence of Foraging Behavior, Life History Strategies, and Kinship Patterns

Price: $30.00
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Santa Clara Valley Prehistory
Archaeological Investigations at CA-SCL-690, the Tamien Station Site (Center for Archaeological Research at Davis Publication Number 15) Includes forward, preface, and bibliographic references

Author: Mark G. Hylkema Binding: Paperback Copyright: 2007 MSRP: 35.00 Publisher: Center for Archaeological

Price: $35.00
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There Grows a Green Tree
(2nd Edition) (Center for Archaeological Research at Davis Publication Number 11) Includes preface and bibliographic references. ISBN# 9781883019181

Author: Greg White, Pat Mikkelsen, William R. Hildebrandt, Mark E. Basgall, Mildred Dickemann and Thomas M. Origier (editors) Binding: Paperback Copyright: 2007 Edition: Second MSRP: 30.00 Publisher: Center for Archaeological Research at Davis

Price: $40.00
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