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Image For Berry Grower's Companion

Berry Grower's Companion

Item Description
by Barbara L. Bowling

Now available in a convenient paperback format, this berry growing reference is an essential guide for anyone growing them for pleasure or for profit. Berry fruits have long been used and appreciated in the kitchen, but the aesthetic appeal and practical benefits they bring to the garden landscape are all too often ignored. Whether using strawberry plants for ground cover, enjoying the colorful autumn foliage of blueberry bushes, or training a grapevine to climb a trellis, gardeners will find that berry plants can make highly versatile contributions to a range of environments. Backyard gardeners, as well as small fruit growers and nursery people, will find an abundance of valuable, practical information in this volume, including plant lists and tables, cultivation tips, and color photographs for plant identification.

Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated Pub. Date: August 2005 ISBN-13: 9780881927269 308pp Edition Description: Reprint

Item: 088192726

Price: $19.95


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Image For Compost Production and Utilization: A Growers’ Guide

Compost Production and Utilization: A Growers’ Guide

Item Description
Author: Mark Van Horn

Practical information on the production and use of compost, including an understanding of the benefits of compost, the basic biological processes involved in its production, and a way to determine the mix of materials needed for a quality blend.

Publication Number: 21514 Inventory Type: Paperback Language: English Copyright Date: 1995 Length: 19 pp.

Item: 000010040

Price: $5.00


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Image For From the Farm to Your Table

From the Farm to Your Table

Item Description
Author: James Thompson, Adel Kader

Have you ever wondered how to pick out fresh fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, but you had no idea what you were looking for?

This colorful handbook will help you pick good-quality, healthy fruits and vegetables that are a vital part of your daily diet. You’ll learn why there is more to fruit and vegetable quality than meets the eye and how to handle your fresh fruits and vegetables at home to maintain their quality and safety.

You’ll also learn how growing and harvesting factors can effect quality and the effect of growing locations, produce handling methods, and the number of steps between production and retail markets.

Handy tables show you the steps between the field and your table, which fruits and vegetables should be stored in the refrigerator and which should be stored on the counter, what to look for when selecting produce at the market.

After reading this guide you will feel confident picking out your favorite produce items at the store or farmers’ market.

Publication Number: 21643 Author: James Thompson, Adel Kader Inventory Type: Paperback Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-610-6 Copyright Date: 2009 Length: 16 pp

Item: 160107610

Price: $7.00


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Image For Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind

Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind

Item Description
by Gene Logsdon

In his insightful new book, Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind, contrary farmer Gene Logsdon provides the inside story of manure-our greatest, yet most misunderstood, natural resource. He begins by lamenting a modern society that not only throws away both animal and human manure-worth billions of dollars in fertilizer value-but that spends a staggering amount of money to do so. This wastefulness makes even less sense as the supply of mined or chemically synthesized fertilizers dwindles and their cost skyrockets. In fact, he argues, if we do not learn how to turn our manures into fertilizer to keep food production in line with increasing population, our civilization, like so many that went before it, will inevitably decline.

With his trademark humor, his years of experience writing about both farming and waste management, and his uncanny eye for the small but important details, Logsdon artfully describes how to manage farm manure, pet manure and human manure to make fertilizer and humus. He covers the field, so to speak, discussing topics like:

  • How to select the right pitchfork for the job and use it correctly
  • How to operate a small manure spreader
  • How to build a barn manure pack with farm animal manure
  • How to compost cat and dog waste
  • How to recycle toilet water for irrigation purposes
  • How to get rid ourselves of our irrational paranoia about feces and urine

Gene Logsdon does not mince words. This fresh, fascinating and entertaining look at an earthy, but absolutely crucial subject, is a small gem and is destined to become a classic of our agricultural literature.

  • Pub. Date: August 2010
  • Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
  • Format: Paperback , 272pp

Item: 160358251

Price: $17.50


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Image For Home Orchard: Growing Your Own Deciduous Fruit and Nut Trees

Home Orchard: Growing Your Own Deciduous Fruit and Nut Trees

Item Description
Author: C. Ingels, P. Geisel, M. Norton

Developed especially for use by backyard orchardists, rare fruit growers, and small-scale growers, The Home Orchard offers a comprehensive look at “standard” growing methods, as well as some innovative practices that enthusiasts have developed in recent years, some of which are uniquely suited to the small-scale grower.

You will learn how trees grow, which species grow best in the different regions and soils, varieties from which to select, preparing the soil, planting, watering and fertilizing, pruning and grafting, thinning the fruit, diagnosing problems, controlling pests, and harvesting.

You'll also find special attention given to organic and non-toxic pest management and fertilization methods. Key pests and diseases are identified and natural control methods are emphasized.

Irrigation methods for the backyard grower are discussed and the difficult task of how often and how much water to apply is simplified. The focus is on giving the trees enough water but doing so in an efficient, water-saving manner.

Included are hundreds of photographs and diagrams that show clearly how to produce the best crops. Photos of several practices, such as key budding and grafting methods, are depicted in step-by-step photos. No other publication provides this breadth and depth of coverage.

  • Publication Number: 3485
  • Inventory Type: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-879906-72-3
  • Copyright Date: 2007
  • Length: 202 pp.

Item: 187990672

Price: $25.00


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Image For Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops—Third Edition

Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops—Third Edition

Item Description
Author: Adel A. Kader

The Third Edition of the University of California's definitive manual on postharvest technology has been completely updated and expanded. Five new chapters cover consumer issues in quality and safety, preharvest factors affecting fruit and vegetable quality, waste management and cull utilization, safety factors, and processing methods. A new appendix presents a summary of optimal conditions and the potential storage life of 200 fruits and vegetables.

Edited by Adel Kader and written by 22 authors, including UC researchers, specialists, and faculty along with leading industry experts, the third edition weighs in at 535 pages. This is an invaluable resource for research professionals, quality control personnel, and postharvest biology students – anyone involved in the technology for handling and storing fresh fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals. The information in the manual is applicable worldwide. Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Cropsis illustrated with 154 color photos, 184 black-and-white photos, and 111 graphs and illustrations.

  • Publication Number: 3311
  • Inventory Type: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-879906-51-8
  • Copyright Date: 2002
  • Length: 535 pp.

Item: 187990651

Price: $65.00


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Image For Retail Garden Center Manual

Retail Garden Center Manual

Item Description
Author: Dennis R. Pittenger

This study guide was written for individuals seeking to become California Certified Nursery Professionals (CCN Pros). Developed through a partnership between the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) and the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers (CANGC), this practical, easy-to-use manual covers important topics on basic horticulture, soil, fertilizer, and water management, plant problem diagnosis, integrated pest management, landscape design, and nursery sales. Also contains an appendix summarizing nursery laws and regulations, a glossary and an index.

From indoor plants to lawns – this is a valuable reference for any career professional in the garden retail trade. As the primary information source for home gardeners, well-trained staff knowledgeable in basic horticulture is important to retailers wanting to better meet their customer's needs.

Publication Number: 3492 Inventory Type: Paperback Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1-879906-747 Copyright Date: 2006 Length: 196 pp.

Item: 187990674

Price: $19.98


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Image For Seeds: One Man's Serendipitous Journey to Find the Trees

Seeds: One Man's Serendipitous Journey to Find the Trees

Item Description
by Richard Horan

Dear Richard,

I heard your excellent interview on NPR’s “On Point,” and have now read your marvelous book Seeds. Thank you for creating this beautiful testimony to the enduring inspiration of trees!

As an author myself, I have been profoundly influenced by trees. My trilogy, The Great Tree of Avalon, was inspired by a grand English Oak atop Boar’s Hill near Oxford. As an Oxford student in the 1970s, I spent many a lovely hour under that remarkable old tree (and also grew to know the foxes that had made their den in its roots). In addition, my novel The Ancient One was inspired by a night camping (illegally, I confess) among the great redwoods of Muir Woods outside San Francisco. And my chapter book for young children, Tree Girl, was truly the gift of two daughters who enjoy climbing in the branches of our apple trees in Boulder , Colorado.

As a small tip of the hat to you, I would like to send you signed copies of these books. Consider it a way of saying thanks to you for your engaging work.

With gratitude, T. A. Barron

Pub. Date: April 2011 Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Format: Paperback , 384pp

Item: 006186168

Price: $9.98


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Image For Storey's Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables & Herbs

Storey's Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables & Herbs

Item Description

Keith Stewart addresses everything you need to know to successfully grow and market organic vegetables and herbs, covering land, equipment, crop mix, growing techniques, irrigation, soil fertility, pests, greenhouses, harvesting, storage, labor, debt, customer management, sales, accounting, and much more. With this comprehensive guide, you can turn your dream of a thriving farm into a profitable reality.

Item: 160342571

Price: $24.95


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Image For The California Vegetables in Garden and Field

The California Vegetables in Garden and Field

Item Description

The Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science is pleased to announce the newest addition to our historical agricultural book series.

This marvelous edition features typography that mirrors the original text and layout, and wonderful photographs and endpapers meticulously reproduced from pristine copies of the rare first edition of this seminal book. Original notes, manuscripts, letters, photographs, articles, and newspaper clippings of this pioneer agronomist are included in the foreword and afterward written for this special edition.

"First published in 1897 by the Pacific Rural Press of San Francisco, The California Vegetables in Garden and Field, by Edward James Wickson (1848-1923), appeared midway in Wickson's foundational career as an agricultural writer and faculty member at the College of Agriculture at the University of California... this was Wickson's third of seven best-selling books, which were themselves only part of the cascade of phamplets, brochures, research papers, magazine articles, chapters in books by others, and editorial commentary in the Pacific Rural Press that poured fourth in astonishing profusion from Wickson in his half-century career as a newspaper reporter, agricultural association spokesman, magazine editor and columnist, and indefatigable researcher for the United States Department of Agriculture and the University of California. This extraordinary output--so elegantly written, so scientifically precise, so useful, and so pervasively effective across five decades--earned for Wickson in his lifetime high distinction as one of America's best-known agronomists." -- Kevin Starr

Item: 098163453

Price: $85.00


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